Bharathanatyam Movie Cast & Crew, Budget, Story, Trailer, Release Date, and FAQs

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Bharathanatyam Movie Cast

Bharathanatyam Movie Cast: “Bharathanatyam” is a Telugu film that dances on the edge of dark comedy Telugu film, directed by K V R Mahendra. This film main stars Surya Teja Aelay and Meenakshi Goswami, supported by a colorful cast including Harsha Chemudu, Harshavardhan, Ajay Gosh, Mastali, and others.

The movie’s tunes are orchestrated by Vivek Sagar, while the visuals are painted by Venkat R Shakamuri, and the final cut is stitched by Raviteja Girijala. Produced by Payal Saraf under the Pr Films banner, this flick promises laughter with a twist, making it a must-watch for Telugu cinema fans who enjoy a darker shade of humor.

Bharathanatyam Movie Cast & Crew

Bharathanatyam Movie Cast & Crew

  • Ajay Ghosh (III) (Actor, Writer)
  • Gangavva (Actress)
  • Harsha Chemudu (Actor, Producer, Director)
  • Harshavardhan (Actor, Writer, Director)
  • Krishna Alluri (Actor)
  • Manik Reddy (Actor)
  • Meenakshi Goswami (III) (Actor)
  • Naga Mahesh (Actor)
  • Salim Pheku (Actor)
  • Satthanna (Actor)
  • Santosh Balakrishna (Actor)
  • Sivannarayana (Actor)
  • Surya Teja Aelay (Actor and Writer)
  • Tarzon (Actor)
  • Temper Vamsi (Actor)
  • Yennengee (Actor, Writer)

Bharathanatyam Movie Story

The movie tells the story of Raju Sundaram, an assistant director who gets tangled in the criminal underworld. Despite the danger, he relies on his wits to outmaneuver the bad guys and survive. The storyline also reflects on the notion that cinema is a captivating form of trickery.

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Bharathanatyam Movie Budget

We currently don’t have any information available regarding the budget for the Bharathanatyam movie. There’s no data about its budget anywhere on the web. Our estimation suggests that the budget for the Bharathanatyam movie could be around 15 crores.

We’re also interested in knowing more about the budget for the Bharathanatyam movie. If we come across any additional information in the future, we’ll make sure to update you.

Bharathanatyam Movie Release Date

The eagerly awaited Bharathanatyam movie is all set to hit the screens on April 4, 2024. Directed by the talented K V R Mahendra, this Telugu dark comedy promises to be a captivating cinematic experience. Leading the cast are the talented Surya Teja Aelay and Meenakshi Goswami, who are sure to bring their characters to life with their remarkable performances.

Alongside them, a supporting cast of equally skilled actors adds depth and flavor to the narrative. The music, crafted by Vivek Sagar, is poised to enhance the film’s mood and ambiance, while the cinematography by Venkat R Shakamuri captures the essence of the story with finesse.

Raviteja Girijala’s editing ensures a seamless flow of events, keeping the audience engaged from start to finish. Produced by Payal Saraf under the esteemed PR Films banner, Bharathanatyam promises to be a cinematic treat that blends humor, drama, and intrigue in equal measure.

As the release date draws near, anticipation mounts among movie enthusiasts eager to witness this creative masterpiece unfold on the big screen.

Bharathanatyam Trailer

Bharathanatyam Movie Cast FAQs

Question: Who are the main stars of Bharathanatyam Movie?

Answer: The main stars of the Bharathanatyam movie are Surya Teja Aelay and Meenakshi Goswami, who play lead roles in this Telugu dark comedy directed by K V R Mahendra.

Question: What is the budget of the film Bharathanatyam?

Answer: The budget for the Bharathanatyam movie is not officially disclosed, but it is estimated to be around 15 crores INR.

Question: When will Bharathanatyam Movie be released?

Answer: Bharathanatyam Movie is scheduled to be released on April 4, 2024.

Question: Where can I watch Bharathanatyam Movie?

Answer: You can watch the Bharathanatyam Movie in theaters once it is released. Additionally, it may become available on streaming platforms or for digital purchase or rental after its theatrical run.

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