How to Quit Smoking

and Options for quitting Smoking: – If any of you have ever tried to give up smoking you may know how hard it can be. For some people it is easy, and they are the ones who stand there looking smug saying “It's really not that hard!”. However, for those people with addictive personalities, it can be one of the hardest things that you try to do in your life. It is not that the nicotine addiction is unbelievably strong – it is more that people who smoke like to smoke and cigarettes are everywhere.

The main issue is that smoking a cigarette is so easy to do, they are just so readily available! So if willpower alone has failed you, what are your other options for quitting smoking?

Cipla Nicotex Nicotine Transdermal Patch

These have been around for years and for all intents purposes work to stop nicotine cravings by somehow (I am no scientist) giving you a nicotine-style drip from the said patch. I have never tried them, but have had reports from friends who have used patches that say they really work. Not only that, but if you have a cigarette whilst wearing the patches it makes you feel very sick.

There are a couple of issues though, in that they are very expensive if you don't get them from your doctors, and also even though they felt sick my friends just ended up needing more nicotine so they smoked whilst wearing the patches. I know, idiots, right?

Electronic Cigarette

An E-cigarette is the most popular electronic cigarette that gives you the freedom to smoke where you want. This could actually be relevant to any electronic cigarette brand but either way, this is becoming a very popular method for quitting cigarettes in India.

You feel like you are still smoking due to the atomizer producing what can only really be described as fake smoke. There is an initial outlay for the actual cigarette but after that, it is considerably cheaper than smoking cigarettes filled with tobacco!

A word of warning though, be conscious of the fact that it is still delivering nicotine into your bloodstream. As such, if you sit there smoking one for an hour you are going to feel a little bit sick (How to Quit Smoking?).

They are great for train journeys, in the office, or on the plane because they are odorless (and you are not actually smoking). It also solves the problem of what to do with your hands as many people complain of their ‘habit' being the actual act of taking a drag of a cigarette.


Sounds a little bit kooky I know, but apparently, it works like a dream. You go on a day-long course after which over 95% of people don't smoke afterward (not sure how true that is). Whatever the statistic is, it has worked for a large portion of the people that I know who have gone on these hypnotherapy courses. I am still fairly unsure as to what they actually do on them, but at the same time if they work then all is good! This is actually the most expensive option with days costing up to Rs10000 (How to Quit Smoking?).

Dependent on your budget and preferences there are a large variety of tools available to the public for quitting smoking. Whether you feel that patches suffice or you need an electronic cigarette to twiddle in your fingers, experiment with different methods until you find something that suits you.

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