Is Neha Malhan Triggered Insaan’s Wife? Is He Married?

Is Neha Malhan Triggered Insaan’s Wife?:- If you are looking for the query “Is Neha Malhan Triggered Insaan’s Wife?” on the internet this article is ready to provide all the new updates regarding your query so read the article till the end to get full information. Triggered Insaan is a popular established YouTuber and streamer. His birth name is Nischay Malhan. He mainly does PUBG live streams and roast videos along with commentary.

He has begun his career with small short videos. After then he gains recognization. After then he convinced his parents and began working full-time on YouTube. In starting of his career his YouTube channel name was ‘Yes-Yes-Bhai’. After then he changed the channel name to Triggered Insane.

Is Neha Malhan Triggered Insaan’s Wife?

There are so many rumors that Triggered Insaan’s wife’s name is Neha Malhan. And before being married to her, they had been in a romantic relationship.

These all are rumors. Even Triggered told that he doesn’t know any girl whose name is Neha. He has a cousin named Neha and there is not a woman named Neha in his life.

He was in a relationship with a girl when he was in 8th class. He referred to her as Kaju Katli because he didn’t want to reveal her real name but currently he is single.

He was teased on YouTube by Kaju Katli. Last, he talked to her in 2018 and his conversation was so short because she asked him for a video editor for her child.

So it is clear that Triggered Insaan is not married. Neither he knows Neha Malhan nor he is in a relationship with someone.

Is Triggered Insaan married?

Triggered Insaan posted a photo of himself with a woman in a bridal dress that’s why his fans are thinking that he is married but we want to tell you that he was just recording a music video and that photo was his music video part. So he is not married.