Is Vijay Raghavendra Daughter Adopted?

Is Vijay Raghavendra Daughter Adopted? – Does Vijay Raghavendra have a daughter? What is his daughter’s name? How many children does Vijay have?

As Vijay’s wife passed away, everyone got shocked by this news and they started to search about Vijay’s personal life along with his wife’s details. A query is being searched on the internet that is “Vijay Raghavendra Daughter Age”. In this article, you will know the actual and exact answer to this searched query.

Vijay Raghavendra Daughter Age

Vijay Raghavendra married Spandana Raghavendra on 26 August 2007. Since then, he had been married to her until her death and never come into a relationship with another woman.

Vijay Raghavendra and Spandana Raghavendra have been blessed with two children. Their son’s name is Shourya and their daughter’s name is Anaira Raghavendra.

Does Vijay Raghavendra have a daughter?

Yes, Vijay Raghavendra has a daughter.

Vijay Raghavendra Daughter Name

Vijay’s daughter’s name is Anaira Raghavendra.

How old is Anaira Raghavendra?

Anaira Raghavendra is the youngest child of Vijay Raghavendra. Her date of birth is not known but she is around 5 years old.

What happened to Anaira Raghavendra’s mother?

Anaira Raghavendra’s mother’s name is Spandana. Spandana was on a vacation in Thailand with her family. She complained of chest pain and slept but she didn’t wake up.

Then she was rushed to the hospital immediately where doctors revealed that she had a heart attack due to low blood pressure.

She passed away on 6 August 2023. Her mortal remains will reach Bengaluru on 8 August 2023 for the funeral. Her death was confirmed by Vijay’s brother Sri Murali.