Nirav Tolia Net worth 2024, Biography, Wife, Career, and Social Media

Nirav Tolia Net Worth is approximately $50 Million which he has amassed through his success as a professional internet entrepreneur as well as executive. He is regarded as the CEO as well as co-founder of the famous private social network platform namely Nextdoor. Nirav was born in Odessa, Texas in 1973. He pursued his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering in the United States and later joined the Stanford Graduate School of Business to pursue higher studies in the field of management.

Know more about Nirav Tolia Net Worth and his earnings, lifestyle, parents, education, age, height, weight, birthday, wife, kids, properties, notable roles and other assets.

Nirav Tolia Net Worth Today

Nirav Tolia is a 53 years old entrepreneur who has made huge investments in other businesses and top-rated global companies through the success that he earned from his private social network platform Nextdoor. He was born in Odessa, Texas to parents Nalin Tolia and Kamal Tolia. Moreover, with an interest in the field of technology and entrepreneurship, Nirav has gained recognition worldwide. He belongs to a business-class family and has completed his education at one of the reputed colleges and universities.

Nirav Tolia Net Worth Today is the result of his interest in technology as well as his strong dedication that led him to earn more than $50 Million along with other assets. He has a salary of $5 Million whereas his monthly income is $0.5 Million.

Furthermore, he earned $200 Million from his business venture and his private social network was famous among the 11 countries. Such an achievement led him to gain income and invest in other businesses to increase his business profit.

Nirav Tolia Wiki Biography

Nirav Tolia’s early career began after he completed his education at Stanford University. He gained valuable experience in the tech industry, holding positions at prominent companies such as Yahoo! and CNET Networks. During this time, he honed his skills and developed a strong understanding of the digital landscape.

In 2010, Tolia co-founded Nextdoor, a private social network designed to connect neighbors and foster community engagement. The platform gained significant traction and expanded globally, becoming a leading platform for local interactions as well as enhancing neighborhood communication. His vision and leadership played a crucial role in Nextdoor’s growth and success.

Under Nirav Tolia’s guidance, Nextdoor secured significant investments and partnerships, allowing the platform to scale and enhance its features. The company continues to innovate and evolve, offering users a reliable and trusted platform to connect, share information and build strong local communities.

His contributions to the realm of community-based social networking have been widely recognized. He has been celebrated as an influential entrepreneur and has received accolades for his entrepreneurial endeavors. His dedication to creating meaningful connections within neighborhoods has had a lasting impact on how people engage with their local communities. As of the present, Nirav Tolia remains involved with Nextdoor, shaping the company’s direction and contributing to its continued growth and success.

Name:- Nirav Tolia 
Age:- 53 years
Birth Year:- 1973
Birth Place:- Odessa, Texas
Father:- Nalin Tolia
Mother:- Kamal Tolia
Height:- 5ft 9 inch
Weight:-  78Kg
Fame:- United States Celebrity Net Worth
Gender:- Male
School:-  Private School in the United States
University:-  Stanford University (B.S. in Industrial Engineering); Stanford Graduate School of Business (MBA)
Profession:-  Entrepreneur, Technology Executive
Nirav Tolia Net Worth:- $50 Million
Citizenship:- American
Marital Status:- Married
Wife:-  Megha Tolia
Kids:-  3
CEO and Co-founder:-  Nextdoor
Notable Clients:- LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Ben Simmons, Draymond Green,  and more
  • Co-founding Nextdoor Business
  • Successful Funding and Growth
  • Expansion of Nextdoor Business
  • Impact on Local Communities
Awards:- Fortune’s 40 under 40; Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business
Hobbies:- Exploring new places, spending time with family and more

Nirav Tolia Personal life and Hobbies

Nirav Tolia has been married to his longtime girlfriend, Megha Trivedi. The couple has three children together namely Deven, Dylan and Declan. His wife is the president of ShondaLand and has also worked in many other companies. The family happily lives in the United States. His hobbies are not exactly mentioned, but every person loves to play games, explore new places and enjoy free time with family.

Nirav Tolia Wife

Megha Tolia is the president as well as COO of the American television production company, ShondaLand. She was born in California on December 19, 1982. Moreover, with her strong dedication and passion, Megha has also served as the e-commerce and vice president of the strategy of lifestyle Method products. She was the longtime girlfriend of famous entrepreneur Nirav Tolia and later married him.

Megha began her early career as a Marketing leadership development programmer at J&J company. Nowadays, she is working with ShondaLand Shows to increase its growth while identifying new business opportunities.

Nirav Tolia Education and Qualification

Nirav Tolia pursued his education at Stanford University, one of the prestigious universities in the United States. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and later went on to earn a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the same institution.

Tolia’s educational background in economics and business administration provided him with a solid foundation for his career in the tech industry and his subsequent entrepreneurial endeavors.

Nirav Tolia Social Media

Twitter – @niravtolia

FAQ Related To Nirav Tolia Net Worth

Ques: What Nationality Is Nirav Tolia?

Ans: The nationality of famous entrepreneur Nirav Tolia is American. His parents belonged to India, but he was born in the United States in a business-class family.

Ques: Is Nirav Tolia From India?

Ans: No, Nirav Tolia is not from India. He was born in the United States to an Indian immigrant couple.

Ques: Who Is Nirav Tolia Married To?

Ans: Nirav Tolia has been married to president and COO, Megha Tolia. They both belong to a business-class family and are highly recognized for their dedication towards business growth.

Ques: Does Nirav Tolia Have Kids?

Ans: Yes, Nirav Tolia has three kids namely Deven, Dylan and Declan.