Symptoms of Concussion

Recognizing the : – If you have suffered a knock on the head there is a good chance that you could be suffering from concussion (MTBI). This happens to a surprising number of people without them realizing it.

The majority of people do not realize that several minor knocks can also lead to concussions. You do not have to be hit on the head hard to suffer from this potentially serious condition.

Things are made worse when people do not recognize the symptoms of concussion and seek treatment at an early stage.

The main symptoms are Concussion :

Blurry vision – you may only experience this symptom occasionally, or it may be a permanent problem.

Memory loss or problems concentrating – usually it is short-term memory that is affected first. If your short term memory is normally good, and you find that you suddenly do not know where you have put your keys or what you have walked into a room for you could be suffering from concussion.

Vomiting or nausea – if you feel lightheaded or slightly sick you could need medical help. Vomiting is not common, but it is something you should not ignore.

Disturbed sleep – falling asleep, but waking up several times a night is another symptom that should not be ignored. If you wake up tired your sleep may be being disturbed without your realizing it.

What to do if you have the symptoms

If you have recently suffered a knock on the head and you have any of the symptoms you need to seek medical help. The sooner you do so the better.

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