Google vs CCI: Tech giant says competition commission orders strike blow at digital adoption in India – what should you know?

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Hitting out at the competition regulator for slapping penalties for alleged abuse of its dominant position, tech giant Google on Friday said that the orders strike a blow at the effort to accelerate digital adoption in India and will lead to higher prices. Failing to secure an interim relief on more than Rs 2,200 crore … Read more

Nicaraguan judge orders dissident bishop to stand trial | News

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A judge in Nicaragua has ruled on Tuesday that a Catholic bishop, known for criticising the government of President Daniel Ortega, will stand trial on charges of conspiracy and spreading false information. Bishop Rolando Álvarez, who serves the inland diocese of Matagalpa, has been under house arrest since August in what international rights groups consider … Read more

Vladimir Putin orders 36-hour ceasefire on holiday weekend in Ukraine

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Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday ordered his military to observe a 36-hour ceasefire in Ukraine this weekend for the Russian Orthodox Christmas holidays, the first sweeping truce move of its kind in the near-siege war. 11 months. Putin did not appear to condition his ceasefire order on a Ukrainian agreement to do the same, … Read more

Swiggy delivers 1.65 lakh order, Zomato receives orders for 16514 biryani on New Year’s Eve

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Local online food delivery platforms Swiggy and Zomato have revealed that they delivered orders of 1.65 lakh and 16,514 biryani respectively on New Year’s Eve. Swiggy tweeted on December 31: “I just hope they have enough room left for the 1.56 lakh biryanis that have also been delivered.” Swiggy delivers 1.65 lakh order, Zomato receives … Read more

Skipper Receives Rs 2570 Crore Orders From BSNL In Rajasthan, Odisha

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Power company Skipper Limited said on Friday that it has secured Rs 2,570 crore worth of new orders from Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL). The contract is for the supply and assembly of terrestrial telecommunications towers, infrastructure as a service provider (IaaSP) for the supply, installation of infrastructure elements and subsequent O&M (operation and maintenance). … Read more

Foreign aid groups pull out of Afghanistan after Taliban orders firing women staff

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Several international non-profits have suspended their operations in Afghanistan after the Taliban ordered them to stop women employees from working. The militant group’s order threatened the NGOs after it said there were “serious complaints” about the dress code of women employees on Saturday. Foreign aid groups pull out of Afghanistan after Taliban orders firing women … Read more

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