Nicholas Goldberg: Is it time to wind down the war in Ukraine and start peace talks?

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There’s been a lot of uplifting, we’re-in-it-to-win-it language used about the Ukraine war recently. The message being sent is that the United States is committed for the long haul and won’t abandon its friends to a brutal aggressor like Russian President Vladimir Putin. It’s a moving display of solidarity, including last week’s visit by Ukrainian … Read more

Russia rejects peace plan in Ukraine and steps up attack on liberated city

The southern city of Kherson, recently liberated from Ukraine, has come under intense mortar and artillery attacks by Russian forces across the Dnipro River, while the Kremlin has rejected a Ukrainian peace plan, calling on Kiev to accept annexation of four regions. Kherson remained under shelling by Russian forces that had retreated to the east … Read more

In the midst of the war in Ukraine, Eastern Europe strengthens | Russia-Ukraine War

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As 2022 is drawing to a close, the war in Ukraine continues unabated. Russian President Vladimir Putin sees what he still calls a “special military operation” as a life-and-death contest with the United States and its NATO allies. The West, for its part, views the war as a threat to its own security and has … Read more

US says Putin’s call to end war in Ukraine is disingenuous | Russia-Ukraine War News

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US says Putin’s call to end war in Ukraine is disingenuous: – Russian President Vladimir Putin’s call to end the war in Ukraine has been met with a sharp rebuke from the United States, which said the Russian leader had shown “zero” interest in peace talks. “Our goal is not to turn the wheel of … Read more

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