US general warns of possible war with China: ‘My gut says we’ll be fighting in 2025’

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A four-star US Air Force general has said Washington is expecting a possible war with China in 2025 and has asked its commanders to prepare for battle by aiming “for the head”. The head of the Air Mobility Command, Gen. Mike Minihan, said America’s main goal should be to “conquer and, if necessary, defeat” China, … Read more

Lavrov lauds Moscow-Beijing ties, accuses US of provocation | Russia-Ukraine War News

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Russia’s top diplomat says the West is looking for ways to anger China on a range of issues, including Taiwan and Tibet. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has hailed joint military drills between Moscow and Beijing, cementing the pair’s new strategic partnership. Addressing reporters in Moscow on Wednesday, Lavrov accused the West of finding ways … Read more

Russia Medvedev says Japanese PM should recuse himself | Russia-Ukraine war news

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The former president, once seen as a reformer, has reinvented himself as a hardliner since Russia invaded Ukraine last year. Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has accused Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of shameful subservience to the United States and suggested he should formally disassociate himself. Russia Medvedev says Japanese PM should recuse himself It … Read more

Deaths, blackouts as Russian missiles hit multiple Ukraine cities | Russia-Ukraine war News

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Russia has launched a new barrage of missiles at targets across Ukraine, killing at least 12 people in the eastern-central city of Dnipro and disrupting power supplies in the Kyiv and Kharkiv regions, officials said. The attacks on Saturday smashed a nine-storey apartment block in Dnipro, reducing an entire section of the building to rubble … Read more

Pope says Ukraine war ‘a crime against humanity’ in annual speech | Religion news

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The head of the Catholic Church criticized Russia’s war in Ukraine and Iran’s treatment of protesters. In his annual address to diplomats, Pope Francis condemned Russia’s war in Ukraine, Iran’s treatment of protesters and the damage to government buildings in Brazil by followers of the country’s far-right former president. Monday’s speech to ambassadors accredited to … Read more

Ukraine Zelensky says Putin’s 36-hour ceasefire was a tactical move | Russia-Ukraine War News

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has rejected out of hand a Russian order for a ceasefire during the Orthodox Christmas period, saying the proposed ceasefire was aimed at halting Ukraine’s military advances in the eastern Donbass region and bringing more troops to Moscow. There is a trick to allow. Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a 36-hour … Read more

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