The Family Star Box Office Collection Day 8 Overview and Plot

The Family Star Box Office Collection Day 8: The Family Star, a 2024 Indian Telugu-language romantic family drama film that has captured the hearts of audiences. On day 8 the movie earned around ₹0.33 Crores in India.

In this article, we’ll explore the film’s box office performance, budget, release date, and the talented cast that brought the story to life.

The Family Star: A Brief Overview

“The Family Star” is a cinematic gem that weaves together love, family dynamics, and personal growth. Directed by Parasuram and produced by Dil Raju and Sirish under Sri Venkateswara Creations, the film stars the charismatic Vijay Deverakonda and the talented Mrunal Thakur in lead roles.

Day Details Date India Net Collection Percentage Change
Day 1 05 April 2024 ₹ 5.75 Cr NA
Day 2 06 April 2024 ₹ 3.45 Cr -50%
Day 3 07 April 2024 ₹ 3.1 Cr -10%
Day 4 08 April 2024 ₹ 1.3 Cr -50%
Day 5 09 April 2024 ₹ 2.5 Cr +50%
Day 6 10 April 2024 ₹ 1.15 Cr -35%
Day 7 11 April 2024 ₹ 1.00 Cr -55%
Collection Total= ₹ 5.90* Cr
Day 8 12 April 2024 ₹ 0.33* Cr -75%


The film revolves around Govardhan, a middle-class architect burdened with financial and family issues. His life takes an unexpected turn when he meets Indu, a wealthy entrepreneur who rents the top level of his house.

As their paths intertwine, love blossoms, but secrets and misunderstandings threaten to tear them apart. Can Govardhan and Indu overcome their differences and find happiness together?

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  • Vijay Deverakonda portrays Govardhan, the relatable protagonist navigating life’s challenges.
  • Mrunal Thakur shines as Indu, the enigmatic entrepreneur who captures Govardhan’s heart.
  • Divyansha Kaushik, Jagapathi Babu, and Vennela Kishore contribute stellar performances in supporting roles.
  • Notably, Rohini Hattangadi adds depth as Govardhan’s grandmother, infusing the film with warmth and wisdom.

Production and Development

  • The film was officially announced in February 2023 under the tentative title “VD13,” signifying Vijay Deverakonda’s 13th lead role.
  • Principal photography commenced in July 2023, with filming locations spanning Hyderabad and New York.
  • The music, composed by Gopi Sundar, complements the emotional nuances of the narrative.

Release Date and Box Office Performance

Initially scheduled for Sankranthi 2024, the film’s release was postponed to avoid clashes with other major releases.

Finally, on April 5, 2024, “The Family Star” graced theaters alongside its Tamil dubbed version. The film’s budget stands at approximately ₹50 crores12.

As for its box office performance, it grossed an estimated ₹30 crores1. While not a runaway hit, it resonated with audiences and left an indelible mark.

Verdict: Hit or Flop

“The Family Star” treads the delicate balance between family drama and romance. To be deemed a hit, it needs to gross around ₹60 crores overall2. While opinions vary, the film’s emotional depth and relatable characters have sparked conversations.


‘The Family Star’ reminds us that love, forgiveness, and understanding can bridge even the widest gaps. As Govardhan and Indu find their way back to each other, we’re left with a poignant message: Family is where the heart truly belongs.

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