Tollywood Box Office Collection

Tollywood, the Telugu film industry, stands as a shining beacon of creativity and entertainment, not just within the borders of India but across the globe. With a rich history of delivering blockbuster hits, it has firmly established itself as a powerhouse of the cinematic world.

In this page, we delve into the latest box office collections of Tollywood movies, showcasing its global impact and unwavering charm.

Tollywood Box Office Collections in 2024

The year 2024 witnessed a diverse array of Tollywood releases, each leaving its unique imprint on the box office. Here’s a glimpse at some noteworthy releases and their box office performances:

  1. Family Star: Despite a hefty budget of ₹100 Crores, the film only managed to rake in ₹31.25 Crores, marking it as a disappointment.
  2. Tillu Square: With a budget of ₹40 Crores, this movie emerged as a blockbuster, amassing ₹120.65 Crores in collections.
  3. Hanuman: This cinematic marvel transcended expectations, garnering ₹289.4 Crores against a budget of ₹50 Crores, firmly establishing itself as a blockbuster.
  4. Guntur Kaaram: Despite a budget of ₹200 Crores, the film accumulated ₹184.2 Crores, achieving moderate success.
  5. Jawaan: A monumental success story, this film amassed an astonishing ₹1068 Crores against a budget of ₹300 Crores, redefining box office benchmarks.

Tollywood’s Global Impact

The influence of Tollywood transcends geographical boundaries, captivating audiences worldwide with its compelling narratives and spectacular performances. As of 2024, the cumulative worldwide collection of Tollywood movies stands at a staggering ₹1667.48 Crores, a testament to its widespread popularity and appeal.

Overall Performance

Let’s dissect the numbers to understand the magnitude of Tollywood’s success:

  • Total Worldwide Collection: An impressive ₹1803.1 Crore (approximately $22.3 Billion USD) signifies the industry’s robust performance on the global stage.
  • Total Telugu Net Collection: Standing at ₹587.97 Crore (approximately $7.3 Billion USD), it reflects the domestic stronghold of Tollywood.
  • Total Telugu Gross Collection: With ₹797.87 Crore (approximately $9.9 Billion USD) in gross collections, Tollywood continues to dominate the Indian box office.
  • Total Overseas Collection: A substantial ₹178.35 Crore (approximately $2.2 Billion USD) underscores the international appeal of Telugu cinema.

Understanding the Numbers

To grasp the significance of these figures, it’s essential to decode the terminology:

  • Net Collection: Represents the film’s earnings after deducting the exhibitors’ share.
  • Gross Collection: Denotes the total box office revenue before deductions.
  • Overseas Collection: Signifies the earnings from international screenings, highlighting Tollywood’s global reach.

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Box Office Success Criteria

Success in Tollywood is gauged based on various benchmarks:

  • Super-Duper Hit: Achieves over 200% returns with ₹100 Crores or more in collections.
  • Hit: Doubles the investment.
  • Super-Hit: Exceeds double the investment with an additional 50%.
  • Average: Recovers the investment.
  • Plus: Recovers investment with some profit.
  • Flop: Incurs losses exceeding 50% of the investment.


The box office collections of Tollywood movies epitomize the industry’s resilience, innovation, and global appeal. Despite the challenges posed by evolving audience preferences and market dynamics, Tollywood continues to thrive, delivering content that resonates with viewers worldwide.

As we look to the future, one thing remains certain – Tollywood will continue to captivate audiences with its cinematic brilliance and leave an indelible mark on the world stage.