Top 10 Companies in the World 2024 | Microsoft, Apple

Top 10 Companies in the World: In today’s fast-paced global economy, the competition among companies across various sectors is fiercer than ever. From cutting-edge technology to groundbreaking healthcare solutions, these corporations are not only reshaping industries but also influencing economies worldwide.

Let’s we explain the top 10 companies that have truly stood out in 2024, based on their remarkable market capitalization and significant impact on their respective sectors.

Top 10 Companies in the World 2024

Rank Company Name Sector Market Cap (in USD)
1 Microsoft Corporation Technology $3.1 trillion
2 Apple Inc. Technology $2.68 trillion
3 Nvidia Technology $2.21 trillion
4 Saudi Aramco Oil & Gas $2.01 trillion
5 Alphabet Inc. (Google) Technology $1.84 trillion
6 Inc. E-commerce $1.81 trillion
7 Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook) Social Media $1.26 trillion
8 Berkshire Hathaway Diversified Investments $883.7 billion
9 Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals $724.6 billion
10 TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) Semiconductors $708.75 billion

Microsoft Corporation:

Topping the charts with a staggering market cap of $3.1 trillion, Microsoft continues to reign supreme in the technology sector. Renowned for its suite of software, hardware, and internet services, including the ubiquitous Windows operating system and the powerful Azure cloud platform, Microsoft remains an indispensable force in businesses and households worldwide.

Founders Bill Gates, Paul Allen
CEO Satya Nadella (4 Feb 2014–)
Headquarters Redmond, Washington, United States
CFO Amy Hood
Number of employees 221,000 (2023)
Chairperson Satya Nadella (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer)
Net income $7.34 billion USD (2023)

Apple Inc.:

With a market cap of $2.68 trillion, Apple continues to captivate consumers with its sleek gadgets and innovative software. From the iconic iPhone to the versatile iPad and Mac computers, Apple’s products have become synonymous with cutting-edge design and unparalleled user experience, cementing its status as a global tech giant.

Founders Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne
Stock Name AAPL (NASDAQ)
Headquarters Cupertino, California, United States
CEO Tim Cook (24 Aug 2011–)
COO Jeff Williams
Subsidiaries Apple Store, Beats Electronics, Apple Studios, Beddit, MORE
Founded 1 April 1976, Los Altos, California, United States


Standing tall with a market cap of $2.21 trillion, Nvidia is at the forefront of the semiconductor industry. Renowned for its high-performance graphics processing units (GPUs) and innovative technologies in artificial intelligence and gaming, Nvidia’s influence extends far beyond traditional computing, shaping the future of technology.

Founders Jensen Huang, Curtis Priem, Chris Malachowsky
CEO Jensen Huang (5 Apr 1993–)
Headquarters Santa Clara, California, United States
CFO Colette Kress
Revenue $6.092 billion USD (2024)
President Jensen Huang
Founded April 1993

Saudi Aramco:

With a market cap of $2.01 trillion, Saudi Aramco dominates the oil and gas sector as the world’s largest energy company. Leveraging its vast reserves and advanced infrastructure, Saudi Aramco plays a pivotal role in meeting global energy demands while driving economic growth in the Middle East and beyond.

CEO Amin H. Nasser (Sept 2015–)
Headquarters Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
Subsidiaries Luberef, MORE
Owner Government of Saudi Arabia (90.19%); Public Investment Fund (4%); Sanabil (4%)
Revenue $53,518.8 billion USD (2022)
Founded 1933
Founders Lloyd N. Hamilton; Abdullah Suleiman

Alphabet Inc. (Google):

With a market cap of $1.84 trillion, Alphabet, Google‘s parent company, continues to redefine the digital landscape. From its unrivaled search engine technology to its ambitious ventures in cloud computing and artificial intelligence, Alphabet’s innovations shape how we access information and interact with technology on a daily basis.

CEO Sundar Pichai (3 Dec 2019–)
Founders Larry Page, Sergey Brin
Subsidiaries Google, Waymo, X Development, Verily, CapitalG, MORE
Headquarters Mountain View, California, United States
Founded 2 October 2015, California, United States Inc.:

Boasting a market cap of $1.81 trillion, Amazon remains a dominant force in e-commerce and cloud computing. With its vast product range, seamless shopping experience, and robust cloud infrastructure through Amazon Web Services (AWS), the company continues to revolutionize how we shop, work, and consume digital content.

Headquarters Seattle, Washington, United States
Stock Name AMZN (NASDAQ)
Founder Jeff Bezos
Founded 5 July 1994, Bellevue, Washington, United States
Subsidiaries Amazon Web Services, MORE
President Andy Jassy
CEO Andy Jassy (5 Jul 2021–)
Formerly Cadabra, Inc. (1994–1995)

Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook):

With a market cap of $1.26 trillion, Meta Platforms stands as a pioneer in social media and digital connectivity. Through its flagship platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, Meta Platforms fosters global communication and community engagement, shaping the way we connect and share information online.

Founders Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes
CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Jul 2004–)
Headquarters Menlo Park, California, United States
CFO Susan Li
CTO Andrew Bosworth
Subsidiaries WhatsApp, Reality Labs, Meta Platforms Ireland, MORE
Founded February 2004, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Berkshire Hathaway:

With a market cap of $883.7 billion, Berkshire Hathaway, led by legendary investor Warren Buffett, is a diversified conglomerate with holdings in various industries, including insurance, railroads, and consumer goods. Known for its long-term investment approach and financial stability, Berkshire Hathaway remains a cornerstone of the global economy.

Eli Lilly:

With a market cap of $724.6 billion, Eli Lilly is a leading pharmaceutical company dedicated to developing innovative medicines to address unmet medical needs. From diabetes and oncology to neuroscience and immunology, Eli Lilly’s groundbreaking research continues to improve patients’ lives worldwide.

Headquarters Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
CEO David A. Ricks (1 Jan 2017–)
Founded 1876
Owner Lilly Endowment
Revenue $3.412 billion USD (2023)
Founder Eli Lilly

TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company):

With a market cap of $708.75 billion, TSMC is a global leader in semiconductor manufacturing, playing a critical role in powering the digital revolution. As the world’s largest dedicated semiconductor foundry, TSMC’s cutting-edge technology enables the production of advanced chips used in smartphones, computers, and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and 5G.

Founder Morris Chang
Revenue 36,241.02 crores TWD (Q1 2021)
Headquarters Hsinchu, Taiwan
Subsidiaries Japan Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing, Inc., MORE
CEO C. C. Wei (12 Nov 2013–)
Founded 21 February 1987, Taiwan


In an era marked by unprecedented technological advancement and economic dynamism, the top 10 companies in the world 2024 have demonstrated remarkable resilience, innovation, and adaptability. From revolutionizing consumer electronics to powering the digital infrastructure of tomorrow and advancing the frontiers of healthcare, these corporations have left an indelible mark on the global economy and society at large.

As we look to the future, it’s clear that these companies will continue to lead the way, driving progress, fostering innovation, and shaping the world for generations to come.

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