What is Raj Kisan Sathi Portal?

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What is Raj Kisan Sathi Portal?

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Check here complete details of the Raj Kisan Saathi Portal. The Rajasthan government is launched this scheme for the farmers in an easy way.


With the help of this portal, the Rajasthan Agriculture Department will now provide both the information and benefits of all the government schemes being launched by the government to the farmers and livestock farmers of the state. 


On this online portal, 150 mobile apps will be made available for farmers and livestock owners at one place.


Through this app, the farmers of Rajasthan will be provided with all the information related to government schemes and farming like agricultural schemes, advanced technology, seed production, organic farming, market prices, and taking agricultural machinery etc.


The Agriculture Minister says that the work of more than 20 mobile apps has been completed on this online portal. This Raj Kisan Saathi Portal will prove to be very helpful for the farmers and livestock farmers of Rajasthan.