Who Is Arjun Talwar? Wiki, Biography, Real Name, Wife, and More

Who Is Arjun Talwar?:- The Indian actor Shahid Kapoor played the role of Arjun Talwar in the Indian Hindu Language movie “Jersey” which is directed by Gowtam Tinnanuri.

This movie’s producers’ name is Dil Raju, Suryadevara Naga Vamsi, and Aman Gill. This movie’s dialogue was written by Siddhart-Garima. Here we discuss who is Arjun Talwar? Was Arjun Talwar A Real Cricketer?

Who Is Arjun Talwar?

Arjun Talwar is a fictional character in a Jersey movie and his role was played by Shahid Kapoor. Arjun Talwar was a former cricket prodigy and a Grade III officer. He is believed by his coach to be possibly the batsman India has produced. In the movie, Arjun Talwar quits the game at the age of 26 stays at home, and does nothing after getting suspended from the post of administrator on the charges of impurity. Talwar has no notable assets.

Vidya, who is being played by Mrunal Thakur, supports and helps the family by deputizing as a secretary. Many disagreements take place between them as she is responsible as well as trustworthy and on the other hand, Arjun is a complete mess. Arjun needs to pay Rs. 50,000 to prove his innocence to the impurity debate. The story is fictional as well.

He starts to play again when his son wishes for an Indian team shirt for his birthday. The character Arjun Talwar, in the movie, goes through a journey from being a once-famous cricketer to a retired and seemingly idle individual, reflecting on his past achievements.

The plot takes a turn when his son gifts him a jersey on his birthday and expresses a dream of watching his father play and win again. This motivates Arjun to reconsider his life choices and re-enter the cricket industry despite facing health issues. In a remarkable comeback, he gives his best performance, winning the match.

Unfortunately, it turns out to be his last match, as he succumbs to a prolonged illness at the age of 36, leaving a poignant portrayal of the impact of depression, the importance of motivation, and the potential for inspiration to come in unexpected forms.

Arjun Talwar Real Name

Arjun Talwar, a fictional character, was played by Shahid Kapoor.

Arjun Talwar Cricketer Wiki, Age

Arjun Talwar is a 36-year-old cricketer who was suspended from his government position on corruption charges. Arjun Talwar is a factual character in the Jersey movie.

When his son wishes for an Indian Team shirt he starts to play again for his son and wins the league. He passed away at the age of 36 from his heart disease.

Arjun Talwar Wife, Son

Arjun Talwar is a married man whose wife’s role is played by Mrunal Thakur. Arjun Talwar’s wife’s name is Vidya Rao. He has a son named Kittu. Kittu’s role is played by Ronit Karma.

Arjun Talwar’s wife Vidya and their son Kittu are the ideal family for Arjun and he is ready to do anything for them. The story takes a turn when he is suspended from a government job on the grounds of profanity. While he needs to arrange 50,000 to show and prove that he has nothing to do with it and is innocent, the story continues.

He has a lot of things to think about. Humiliated by the allegations, he stopped playing at the age of 26 and started living at home. Due to his son’s wishes, Arjun comes back to play and earns a big name. The tragedy cannot be prevented and the character eventually dies of heart disease.

Arjun Talwar Cricketer Disease

Arjun Talwar has been suffering from heart disease for many years. When he started to play again for his son’s wish after winning the league, he lost his life after two days at the age of 36.

Was Arjun Talwar A Real Cricketer?

No, Arjun Talwar was not a real cricketer. It was just a fictional character. This movie’s story was based on Raman Lamba who passed away on February 23, 1998, in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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